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Carnations are known to have been used for the first time by Greeks and Romans in garlands. Carnation Flower is probably native to the Mediterranean region comes in different colors and in shaded colors as well. Sending Carnation Bouquet to Someone best way to express your love and admiration.

Light Red Carnations represent Adminration.

Dark Red Carnations represent Deep Love and Affection

White Carnations represent Pure Love and Good Luck

Purple Carnations represent Capriciousness, In some countries Purple Carnations use as funeral flowers.

Pink Carnations represent Love and affection towards Your Mom, Wife, Sister and womens.

White Striped or shaded Color Carnations symbolise Regret, Sorry for something that can not be shared.

You can send Carnation Flowers Bouquet or Arrangement to your loved ones on their Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday or any special occasion or celebration moment.